A screenshot of the hidden safe in Richard Arkwright's office. It contains three Shock Grenades and a Sandman.

Twenty-Two Short Films About Wellington Wells: A Spirit of Honesty, Industry, and Skill

From the Desk of Beatrix Reeve
Voting Member, Executive Committee

Richard Arkwright
Arkwright Labs, Department of Scientific and Industrial Research
Kingsmeade Rd.
Apple Holm
Wellington Wells

Dear Mr. Arkwright,

It has come to the attention of the Executive Committee that Dr. Faraday has been suffering from an exhaustion borne of extraneous workload from her neighbors in St. George’s Holm. She even went so far as to be pretend to have blown up her own lab to convince the townspeople she was indisposed. All that property damage just to get a break from their requests! Though we found her attempt to address this problem herself quite novel, we felt the need to intercede once we confirmed she was not, in fact, dead as she had claimed.

We have taken the initiative to set up a secluded lab for her to recuperate. Rest assured, it’s not a proper holiday! She is – as all the pillars of our scientific community are – irrepressibly industrious and feels a sense of duty to Wellington Wells even in her wearied state. As such, she will be continuing to work on projects to our city’s benefit. However, to prevent her for being overtaxed again, her location will be kept confidential. If you wish to call upon her expertise for your own projects, please contact me and I will facilitate collaboration with her.

Please let us know if you yourself are feeling overburdened. We at the Executive Committee highly value your contributions to the technological development of our town and will be happy to arrange a similar accommodation for you at the slightest suggestion you may require it.

Warmest regards,

Beatrix Reeve
Wellington Wells Broadcasting Corporation Tower
The Parade
Apple Holm
Wellington Wells

CC: Dr. Anton Verloc (Haworth Pharmaceuticals)
Dr. Harold Ridgwell (Wellington Health Institute)
Mr. Harold Grenold (Grenold Electrics)
Mr. Alan Turing (Turing Electric Security)
Mr. Michael Edwardes (Mercury Communications)

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