So like guys. I made a thing.


Get-Together is a house you can invite your friends to hang out with you in (although I also threw in a single-player mode if you really just need a house to yourself for a bit). Practically speaking, it’s a low-investment testing ground for safehouse lobby features in the other game I’m working on, The Take!. It lets me test more frivolous features in an environment that doesn’t have as many interconnected systems to account for as my other game does. It’s also an opportunity to use a lot of the assets I’ve acquired from the Unreal Marketplace’s Free-for-the-Month program over the last year.

Currently, you can only talk to each other (both via voice and text) and sit in chairs. But I’ll be adding more stuff soon.

Get-Together requires you to be logged into a Steam account.

Check out Get-Together here.

How to Make Dance Dance Revolution Mats Slip-Proof

This post contains affiliate links so that, if you buy these things through these links, I get a little dosh for showing you how to alter your DDR mats so you don’t slip, fall, and die like an old lady.

So me and Simon recently got back into Guitar Hero and we decided to get back into DDR while we were at it. I still had my favorite DDR game, Dance Dance Revolution Extreme 2, but we needed new mats to play it.

I did a lot of research on them and basically found that unless you were willing to shell out a few hundred for a metal mat, your home options are pretty shit. You either get the fold up mats which bunch up when you get too furious in the feets or you get the kind with foam inside, but the buttons are less responsive because the backing is less solid. On top of this, we have hardwood floors in my apartment so slippage was going to be an issue with either mat, but I was leaning toward the foam-insert ones since I knew we’d also need some impact cushioning. We get achy feet after only a few Guitar Hero songs worth of just standing on these floors, so I knew actually dancing was going to hurt too.

However, the foam ones are a bit more expensive and I didn’t want to pay a lot in case we ended up not being as into it as adults (see: the time we went to a roller skating rink and I fell multiple times, hurting my old lady knees and elbows). So I bought two of the fold-up kind that I had as a kid and came up with a plan to improve them.

I am so fuckin’ excited to tell you about this because honestly, I thought this was gonna end up being some hackneyed plan that only kinda worked, but holy shit. When I was done with them, these mats did. not. move. When Simon saw how well this plan worked, he hugged and kissed me because what a glorious gift it is to be engaged to a woman as brilliant as me.

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