The Butcher’s Dilemma

“So James from Byron and Sons made me a proposition today,” your brother Michael says. “A real hinky-ass proposition, but… I don’t know. We might be desperate enough to take up hinky-ass propositions.

“Short of it is, they wanna cut the legs off corpses and give them to us so we could… process the meat and sell it in our shop. They figure that’d keep the town fed until spring when we can get back down the mountain.

“What do you think?”


So like guys. I made a thing.


Get-Together is a house you can invite your friends to hang out with you in (although I also threw in a single-player mode if you really just need a house to yourself for a bit). Practically speaking, it’s a low-investment testing ground for safehouse lobby features in the other game I’m working on, The Take!. It lets me test more frivolous features in an environment that doesn’t have as many interconnected systems to account for as my other game does. It’s also an opportunity to use a lot of the assets I’ve acquired from the Unreal Marketplace’s Free-for-the-Month program over the last year.

Currently, you can only talk to each other (both via voice and text) and sit in chairs. But I’ll be adding more stuff soon.

Get-Together requires you to be logged into a Steam account.

Check out Get-Together here.