The Lesson of the Star

It could not be said exactly that she learned the lesson. Allen Marks’ fate had not dampened her own insatiable need to steal. Though she usually didn’t kill people unless she had to. Or they shot first. Or were a dick and therefore had it coming. Or they had a hard-to-find hat that went perfectly with her suit.

Being that she, unlike Marks, was a relatively nice person of good humor outside of all the stealing, she collected all the deputy badges in the small room (as well as anything else that wasn’t nailed down), all 319 of them. Then she set out into the Mojave to deputize that many people.

Her companions all got one. She went to Camp McCarran and gave one to each of the 1st Recon. she went to Camp Golf and deputized all the improved recruits. She gave one to The King, both of his groupies, and Sergio (but only after he styled her hair). One to Manny Vargas, one to Julie Farkas, one each to James Garret and Francine Garret. And of course, Old Ben and Beatrix. Sadly, Mr. Fisto had nowhere to pin one.

Likewise, she could only leave one sitting on Mr. House’s console for him. Since he hadn’t bothered buying any animations for his giant screen face, he sneered imperiously as always, but she would have guessed that he might be amused.

She gave one to Mick and one to Ralph, an unspoken non-apology for looting their store. And apartment. She gave one to each of the criers in Freeside. She gave one to Ranger Andy and Michael Angelo and Sarah Weintraub. She handed them out Pretty Sarah and to Maude, Sweetie, and Jimmy (because she had a spot for whores). Max and Stacey were particularly happy to be deputized, although that didn’t convince Max to lower the price on his “toy” gun. She’d be back for it.

She walked all across the Wasteland, handing out deputy badges to most everyone she’d met in her travels.

Everyone except “Deputy” Beagle because he was a douchebag and had proven to be a shitty deputy already.

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