DJ. 32/F/TX. Criminal mastermind, interior decorator, and videogame developer.

I’m talented as fuck. True story.

When I was in my teens, I wrote for a webzine called concentricus. When it became inactive around 2006, I started my own called Ka-Bang! and called myself editor for three years or so. In 2009, I joined capthepoint, a Team Fortress 2 roleplaying community. I was promoted to co-moderator shortly after and helped run it for about four years (which is pretty long for an RP comm).

In 2010, my friend Logan and I began ignoring the gameplay in TF2 to do a maneuver called the Übercrab, wherein he, a Medic, ubers me, a Spy doing the Spycrab walk. When paint was introduced to the game, we painted our cosmetic items pink so that it would be more clear to other players that we were doing this on purpose. From this, we eventually founded the Team Pank Chucklefucks, an extremely exclusive club for people who don’t take things too seriously and are willing to laugh at their own folly.

Currently, I am developing a videogame, The Take!, a project I embarked on after PAYDAY 2 disappointed me one too many times.