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The Comprehensive Guide to Barbie and the Rockers Fashions, Part 2: Center of the Universe

So the first three minutes and change of this movie is a mixture “look at this concert and our visual effects skills” and a montage of magazine covers, quick scenes, and global concert footage establishing that Barbie (and to a lesser extent, the Rockers) are the hottest shit that ever shat.

Barbie, alone, on the cover of Barbie Magazine, wearing a pink and black dress.

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The Comprehensive Guide to Barbie and the Rockers Fashions, Part 1: Concerted Individuality

Talk about dated movies.

Released in 1987, most people who have anything to say about Barbie and the Rockers recall it only as Mattel’s half-hearted stab at the market that Hasbro was capitalizing on with their Jem and the Holograms cartoon and line of fashion dolls. Unfortunately, because Jem had been cancelled by ’88, but Barbie and the Rockers were on VHS, I had never heard of the former and instead watched the living shit out of this.

Watching it now, you can definitely tell when it was made. But that’s part of the fun, ain’t it?

The biggest tell is not the soundtrack which, though very synthpop, is half-comprised of cover songs. This is probably why the movie has never seen an American DVD release, getting the rights to all the covers again. These screenshots come from the Italian DVD release, which seem not to include the second half of the movie where they go back in time to 1959 (the year Barbie was introduced). Which is a shame because if you like this article, you’d love (as Salmon put it when she watched it with me) “oh lord, the 50’s according to the 80’s”.

But no, it is the undeniably the outfits, of which there are many, that plant this cartoon squarely in the “this is from the 80’s” camp.

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 Channing sent me a wedding gift. Now I have to PICK which fur to wear on fancy occasions.  Reupholstered Simon's office chair. It was in a sad state, sheddin' bonded leather debris everywhere. Now it's a nice gray faux suede.
 Rogue is too big for the windowsill.  The Arch was designed by Eero Saarinen, the same guy who designed the Tulip chair and table.


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    Taipei 101 is THE MOST EVIL building on the planet

    Look at this fucking Judge Dredd-level shit, god damn.

    This is where the final boss is

    it has a gigantic counterweight towards the top to reduce swaying, which is kind of necessary for any very tall building, but its out in public view and painted gold and you can see it like, swinging around

    #this whips ass youre all just weak

    Is it brilliant architecture? Yes. Is it glaringly obvious that this is a supervillain aesthetic? Also yes.