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DIY Custom Framing

You got something you’d like framed, but it’s a weird, non-standard size? There ain’t no poster frames at Wal-Mart that will fit it? No problem!

Here’s what I do when I need to frame something, but don’t want to pay out the ass for custom framing.

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Decor is Very Important: Action Figures

All right, nerds. I’mma have to be real with you.

You need to stop with the packaged action figures. It’s sending all the wrong signals.

I see a lot of “nerd” rooms that have action figures, still in their boxes, on display like they were cherished tchotchkes. It is my assumption that aside from declaring loudly and proudly that you like nerdy shit, the intention behind this is to convey a sense of fun and childlike whimsy to your visitors. Because who but a fun person would collect Legends of the WWF toys or obscure DC superhero action figures?

But “fun” is not what piles upon piles of toys you cannot play with suggests.

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Decor is Very Important: Eclecticism (Like on Friends)

Let’s talk about that respite from brokeness, limited options, and fear of commitment to a style: eclectic decor.

It’s been around forever, I’m sure, but the most famous and popularizing example of it is probably Monica Geller’s apartment in the TV show, Friends. Monica’s home is full of mismatched furniture, different wood grains and stains, and knickknacks everywhere. It’s busy as hell and there’s shit every way you look.

Monica Geller's living room from the television show 'Friends'.

Monica Geller’s living room from the television show “Friends”.

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Ken Rosenburg’s Office

Ken Rosenburg, Tommy Vercetti's lawyer, works out of an office in the Hotel Harrison. This building is pretty dull and nondescript compared to a lot of Vice City's other locales. It doesn't have any neon lighting and it's painted, relatively, subdued colors (although they are still unique colors so that the place is easy for the player to remember and find). But then, Ken isn't exactly partial to 80's decor.

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Interior Decorating at the Super 8

This is a post I’ve thought about making many times before, but could never drag my ass along to get it done. I have finally been driven to this point, however.

Let me preface this by saying that I like my bossman a lot and that he is a pretty cool dude, so far as bossmen go. That said, however, the man has no taste whatsoever. When he bought the hotel a few years ago, he started renovating and decorating. The majority of this effort goes into the lobby.

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The Take!

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November 2019
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 Channing sent me a wedding gift. Now I have to PICK which fur to wear on fancy occasions.  Reupholstered Simon's office chair. It was in a sad state, sheddin' bonded leather debris everywhere. Now it's a nice gray faux suede.
 Rogue is too big for the windowsill.  The Arch was designed by Eero Saarinen, the same guy who designed the Tulip chair and table.


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    The AO3 Tag of the Day is: Renaissance fanart

    I’m gonna let you in on a secret.

    • That aint renaissance fanart

    You know what, assholes? I run this blog for y'all every day. I see things you cannot begin to imagine. I have to read people’s Robespierre smut and their questions about how various monsters would fuck them. I am so jaded that, when someone submits a tag mentioning some random vaguely liquid substance without context, I just assume it’s being used as lube. Nutella? Lube. Crazy glue? Lube. Divine fucking ichor? Fucking lube! I do this for you, y'all. I shield you from this shit. I stand athwart the tides of horror, hold my hands up, and yell “STOP” in the hopes that it will keep the waters from reaching you.

    So you know what, fuckheads!? If I want to maintain the one tiny scrap of innocence I have left, I will. The official policy of AO3TagoftheDay is now that turtles, teenage, mutant, ninja, or otherwise, do not fuck. It never happens. They don’t fuck. They don’t fuck each other. They don’t fuck humans. They don’t fuck in real life and they don’t fuck in fiction. This tag is about two gay Renaissance painters holding each other close and kissing chastely under the Sistine chapel ceiling.

    There. Glad we got that sorted out. Please return to your regularly scheduled programming.

    Ao3tagoftheday finally snapped